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New Foreword for Chinese Edition of The Leader's Handbook-Peter R. Scholtes(1998/09) 等等

Dear Hanching:
Here is the new forward for the Chinese Edition of The Leaders' Handbook. Let me know if this isn't clear to you. I am writing this forward specifically for the new Chinese edition of The Leader's Handbook. These are interesting times, both in the Eastern world and in the Western world. Leadership will necessarily transform in the East and will, in turn, transform leadership in the West. At the heart of these times are movements that are, in most important respects a source of optimism.
For example we are witnessing the new Hong Kong which has had an impact on mainland China and in turn, developed an urgent need to improve relationships between China and the West. Change is slower and more painful than most of us want. For every three steps forward, we seem to take two steps back. We need leadership. And that's what my book is about. There has been a tradition of wisdom about leadership which has originated from the East. We in the West have much to learn from you. I hope, therefore, that my book can begin a dialogue in which we learn from each other about leadership
Peter R. Scholtes July, 1998

1)H.C.Thank you for the offer. I would be proud to give you something to put in your article. Here it is....... The worlds of manufacturing and business are changing extremely fast these days. Too often we try to manage these processes with old, worn out, methods. Treating people like machines and using only methods we learned in school ten or more years ago will not hack it today or tomorrow. The number one problem with people trying to lead today is thier lack of willingness to be creative and try new and untested methods. Peter Sholtes tells us, "...Now the music has changed. We don't know the new steps and there are no footprints on the floor." He is absolutely correct. We will have to create the new dance steps to meet the music of tomorrow. I express it this way, "Management without Creative Thinking is boring. Creative Thinking without implementation is merely child's play. Management willing to use Creative Thinking...is LEADERSHIP!" Michael Wader Pres. Leadership Excellence International I hope this useful for you H.C. Best wishes, Mike
(2)H.C. I will try to help you. But I do not have The Leader Handbook with me. I am working in Arkansas and my copy of the book is at my house in Colorado. That is 24 car driving hours away from here. Or three flying hours from here. I will buy another copy of the book tomorrow in order to help you better.
I will try to answer a few of your questions: 1. In 1940 there was a famous movie made about Knute Rockne. The name of the movie is "Knute Rockne, All American". He was the coach of a very good football team. The College he was at was Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish are the mascot or "nickame" for Notre Dame. In the movie there was one star named George Gipp. He was a player on Knute Rockne's football team. He was a very good player, but he died of pneumonia before he finished college at Notre Dame. In the movie, our ex president Ronald Reagan player the character of Goerge Gipp. Remember this was 1940, and Ronald Reagan was just an actor and not the president yet.
Knute Rockne was famous for giving wonderful halftime talks to his players in order to motivate them to be great. They would return to the playing field after halftime all pumped up with enthuiasm and motivation and usually won the game. Well, one game after George Gipp had died, and Notre Dame was losing the game at halftime, Knute Rockne gave them a very motivating speech to encourage them to overcome the strength of the other team and win. He concluded his speech by saying, "Go out there and win one for the Gipper!" That phrase became famous as a saying to mean "go out there and try as hard as you can" and you will be successful.
2. Beavis and Buthead is not a talk show. It is a modern cartoon show about two very rotten and nasty boys. They treat people very rude and are always causing trouble for others without any regard for how they hurt peoples feelings. It is geared for an audience of 15 to 30 year old people. A few people like it, most hate it. But it does make social statements about our American culture that are close to being true.
3. The United Way is a non-profit charitable organization. It is the largest charity in America. They represent more than 200 small charities. Every year there is a huge annual fund raising campaign to raise money for the United Way. It gives most people one place to give a donation that will be shared many of the needy organizations. I don't know their budget, but it is probably more than $100 Million each year. They are very successful at working with famous atheletes and actors to raise fund during their annual campaign.
4. I do not have the book to look at p.65. But I will in the next couple of days and let you know the meaning of that sentence. I will look around and see if I can find a copy of the Knute Rockne movie and a Beavis & buthead movie too. No one can describe Beavis and Buthead with words. You have to see them to believe them. H.C. do you have a contract with Peter Scholtes to translate his book? I am trying to come to Taiwan in December for a short vacation. I want to know the dates of your Deming conference in Dec. If I can make it there we will talk about costs later. I want to help you any way I can. Mike
(3)H.C. Lewis and Clark are were named Merriweather Lewis and William Clark. They are America's two most famous explorers. These two men explored and mapped most of the northwestern United Staes. At that time there were no maps and no roads. Our government used their maps to outline our northwestern states and set boundaries. They overcame many hardships to accomplish this. Chuck Yeager is famous as a United States Air Force Test Pilot. On Oct. 15, 1947, he flew an experimental plane, the X-1, and became the first plane to successfully travel faster than sound. He broke the sound barrier and started the jet aircraft superiority level for other countries to match. In the American movie, "The Right Stuff", he is the young pilot that breaks the sound barrier and rides horses, but he was not invited to be one of our first astronauts. Yuri Gargarin was a USSR (Russian) Cosmonaut. On Aug.6, 1961 he was the first person to orbit the earth in Russia's Vostok 2 spacecraft. Before this, no one had ever gone into space and orbited the earth. I am glad to help you any time. I will please to have you advertise my skills on your webpage. The area I can help them the most is in providing creative solutions to difficult problems. I will send you some more information soon. Bye for now, Mike
H.C. An RBI is a RUN BATTED IN. In baseball, that is when one batter gets a hit and causes another player who was already on base to score. The batter gets an RBI. The major league record is 190 RBIs in one season (1930))by Hank Greenburg. It is the oldest record still unbroken in baseball. This is a hitters statitic.
ERA means EARNED RUN AVERAGE. This is a baseball pitcher's statistic. This is the number for the average of runs a pitcher allows in a game. Most great pitchers average 2.0 ERA or below. Most average pitchers average 3 to 6 ERA. If a pitcher has an ERA of above 6, he will probably not play next year. Only runs scored because of hits or walks count against a pitcher for their ERA. Runs that score because of errors by the fielders do not count against the pitchers ERA. If a pitcher allowed 4 runs in two innings, his ERA would be 17. If he allowed only 4 runs in 9 innings, his ERA would be 4.
PASS COMPLETION PERCENTAGE is an American football statistic. It is the number of passes made by the quarterback that are completed (or caught) compared to the number attempted. Divide the number complete by the number attempted. If a quarterback threw 10 passes and completed 9 he would have a Pass Completion Percentage of 90%. This is a statistic only for quarterbacks. I do not have my copy of the book, but these are the meanings of the words you asked about. Good Luck, Mike
(4)H.C., Yes, Stars and Stripes Forever is our national sound. We usually call it the national anthem. The Green Bay Packers are an American football team in our professional leagues. It is one of the most popular and has a very long history of being a very tough team playing in a very cold place, Green Bay, Wisconsin.
A tailgate party is a party that they have before a football game. The people who are going to see the game come to the parking lot early. Then they open the tailgates on their trucks and use them as tables. They cook all kinds of food and have all kinds of drink before they go inside the staduim to see the game. It is a tradition that started in the 1960s and has grown all over the U.S. So, you have a party on your tailgate before you see the game.
DOT is the Department of Transportation. They continuously monitor the airlines for saftey, on-time takeoffs, on-time landings, and customer service. Each year they rank the airlines in America. It is important for airlines get a high ranking in order to make a good impression to the paying customers. It builds confidence of the customers in the airlines that it is safe to fly. I am glad to help you, Mike

Dear Hanching Chung:
Thank you for your email about the publication of Lean Thinking in Taiwan.Good to hear that it is out. You may like to know that it is now out in 8 languages and has sold over 150,000 copies in hardback in english - a faster rate than the Machine book.
You may also like to know that Jim and I have set up parallel organisations to promote lean thinking - the Lean Enterprise Institute in the USA www.lean.org and Lean Enterprise Europe www.leaneuro.co.uk .
We have now run Lean Summits for the last 4 years - the US one has grown to 650 people and others in Brazil, UK, Turkey and germany will cover another 1500delegates. We are also just starting to publish a series of workbooks to help people implement lean - details of these will be on our web sites in a month or so.
I am now on sabbatical for a year and the Lean Enterprise Research Centre is continuing to grow. For details please fax Sara Bragg on 44 1222 874556. I shall let you know if I ever come to Taiwan.
best wishes
Professor Daniel T Jones

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